iPhone Locator with Here maps

This is my second variant of the plugin, this time using Here Maps as the source of traffic/distance/time instead of google map.

The main advantage is the cost if you have multiple devices or use a very polling rate as Here maps free tier offers 250K calls/month Vs. Googles $200 dollar equivalent which is 20K combined calls/month.

To use it, you will have to register to a dev account just like for google.

After that you will need to obtain an app_ID and an app_code which you will plugin to the device variables of the plugin.

To install the plugin, install it as normal and download the two L_IPhone.lua and J_IPhone.js from the repo and upload them to the /etc/cmh-ludl folder of the vera or openluup or you can use the apps/develop apps/luup file menu and do a drag and drop.

After using it for little over 1 week without problems on openLuup/ALTUI. I think it is now ready for those of you who want to try it. I think I have completely replaced google map and reproduced all the functionalities with Here. A couple of additional changes I made: The plugin does not make a call to Here to get address and distance if no device has not moved.

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