IRIS keypad 3405-L now supported - How do I sound its chime based on a door sensor changing state?

Now that the IRIS V2 3405-L keypad is supported via the latest firmware, I would like to implement the chime from the keypad anytime a door is opened / closed as used to happen with IRIS. Has anyone figured out how to make this happen? I’m guessing I must program this feature based on the changed state of the door sensors but I have no idea how to do this. (Go easy on me, I’m brand new to Vera so will require step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.) From what I see so far, I am liking Vera and am looking forward to learning to program it to perform all sorts of things!

Also, every time the PIN is entered on the keypad, I receive an alert on my iPhone. Apparently it is not coming via the notifications section of the keypad device - I cannot figure out where it is coming from and I wish to disable it. Any help on this too would be greatly appreciated.



I’m in the same boat as the original post. I’m wanting to have some kind of a chime anytime the door is open. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Get a dome chime and set it up in vera …Those work great…

I have a dome chime siren on order from Amazon but they’re backordered till the 3rd. I’ll give it a shot but was hoping that the Hub would be able to do a chime if a door is opened.