Is HomeWave Still Active and Scene Problems

I am looking for something after ImperiHome. I bought it from the App Store, but it’s kinda quirky, is it still in use and maintained?

I tried a couple of test screens and am having trouble with running some scenes, I have a scene that arms some sensors, and another that disarms them. Both seem to work Ok but the timing is odd.

HomeWave seems to have a concept of scenes being On or Off like a device would, verified by changing the colors in the icon. The scenes all have only immediate actions, but HW will seems to be busy while a scene is On and won’t for example let me run another scene until the first goes back to Off status. Often it just hangs up and won’t let me run any other scene at all.

About to abandon this one, unless somebody out there thinks I should pursue this. BTW I am a very experienced Vera user, been doing this for years and years.

Thanks, Bob

It’s still being maintained, though at the moment I do no active development of new features for the app.

The on/off state for scenes is simply whatever Vera reports it to be. It’s odd that the app would hang on a scene, though I don’t think it’s an issue with the on/off state. Probably the app loses connection with Vera for some reason, reconnects, reloads the state from Vera, at which point you’d see the scene flip back to off. When this happens, do you see the connection icon in the app change to red (the little wifi symbol in the status bar)?

If you have a ton of devices and long scenes, running a scene sometimes causes the luup engine on Vera to reload, causing a disconnect. A simple way to test this is to run the same scene from another app or from the web interface. Or to run the scene from HomeWave, and see if you can run other scenes from the web interface while HomeWave is blocked.

Ok, thanks. I need to collect more data.


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