Is it good idea to Migrate from edge to atom v2 / ezlo plus


I dont have much idea about the new ezlo plus and atom v2. i read its a different platform?

is it wise to migrate to this new gateway?

will all capability from the edge or plus be fully be available to the new platform upon launch of ezlo plus?

if not full capability as edge or plus, what capability from old platform will be available and what will the new platform have advantage be in terms of software and added advance features?


That like me asking you, how long is the string i am holding. Untill i send it to you, you could never answer.

from what we know
runs locally
has no plugins as yet
has VOI
has and or logic
has scenes

I am sure others will add to this.


If your edge is’nt broken then I would wait and see what will become of this new controller and how it will compete with its competitors once it has matured a bit. I know Ezlo isn’t MiCasa Verde and that they might handle things better than the previous Vera owners, but based on my past experiences I reason that if it has any links to Vera I’m waiting until everything that is promised is a (bug-free) reality before I buy it.
During those years since Vera Secure was released it has fallen hopelesly behind most other controllers on the market I think. Looking back I should probably have been better off with a Homey instead. I do not say that I wouldnt buy an Ezlo plus or Ezlo plus plus in the future. What I say is that I just don’t want to find myself beting on the wrong horse again…


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