Is It Me Or All

I cant connect to the mios app place through vera

sorry should have been clearer, cant install apps from in Vera\ app\install apps, no apps are showing

Was is your question? I don’t follow.

few days ago, I’ve got some issue , and now again. Should I look after something else than Vera ?

Since 2011, no major trouble, but since few days, twice I’ve been unable to connect trough … waiting for checking credentials, or a message telling me that I’ve no controler.
And no warning, or information about what happened.

Seems the cloud portal was down for me earlier tonight. I could not connect remotely via any EU gateways.

However their new status Web page said all systems were go and no reported issues.

Maybe it was down for 30 minutes to an hour?

It came back eventually and I could then connect again remotely.

Only reason I know is I left the house and forget to set the alarm. So was trying to do it remotely put Vera in to away mode.

There have been repeated issues and reports of problems from users about not being able to view the app store properly.

I’ve never seen an official response from Vera about the problems.

Usually logging in to the Vera Cloud gateway portal then trying again resolves the issue.

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