Is it possible to get TTS in Swedish?

Is it possible to get TTS in swedish?
If How do i do?

I saw that reponosivevoice have swedish on their website.

hmm realized it was just to write sv … GReit!

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How does it handle å,ä,ö? I have had problems with that in my installation with Mac2Speech.

Tested but it seems not to work with åäö… it will not talk then

Yes, I have seen this myself.
I have a TTS engine on my computer (with Mac2Speech) that is always on and “å,ä,ö,” works fine when directed directally to this engine. When it sends as a string from Vera it seems that these are not sent correctly and is corrupting the response. Very annoying to avoid these letters in the Swedish language :slight_smile:

Swedish (with å, ä, ö) works just fine for me, since I installed version 1.5. Just follow the steps!

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