Is it possible to integrate Vera with Smartthings?

Hi, I own a Vera Edge controller and a Smartthings also. I’m planning to turn on or off some lights in Vera based on many motion sensors paired with smartthings, is it possible?

  • Why don’t I pair everything to Vera? -> the motion sensors are Zigbee and my Vera Edge doesn´t support Zigbee.
  • Why don’t I pair the lights to Smartthings? -> The z wave relays are not supported for Smartthings after migration to the new app.

Is there any way to make ST and Vera “talk” to each other?.


Both Vera and smartthings can send and receive http requests, and have vrtual devices , so should be possible.
@therealdb virtual http device plugin in vera and something similar in smartthings should do it.

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We do not have support now to connect Smart Things with Vera but is in our roadmap to make it possible in our new MiOS application.
Would you like to join our beta program so you will have early access to this feature when it will be available?



Can I be part of the beta to connect vera with smart things. I have a few applications that would benefit. Thank you!

@adina.porea I’m interested as well to be part of the beta. I have a VeraPlus controller, and some SmartThings devices like the Samsung Bulbs, that are detected on ZigBee but not controllable from the controller. Thanks a lot!

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