Is it worth the risk to upgrade firmware?

I have a rental property where I use a newish VeraPlus to control a Yale door lock. I previously used a VeraLite with uI5 and I never upgraded firmware; it worked perfectly for many years! I don’t have access to the property since it is in another state. I am currently on firmware 1.7.400. Is there a compelling reason to upgrade my current unit to 1.7.4453? Any advice appreciated!

the latest one (7.29) is like night and day compared to the previous. I will not update it remotely, unless you can have access by other means (VPN, for example), because we had a lot of people in the past with bricked units due to no space left on the device.

Thanks! I suspect I have a ton of room. I did not see an obvious way to check to see if there is sufficient space to safely perform an upgrade. I am able to connect remotely to the other computers on the network, but physical access to the site is about 8 hrs of driving!

run df -h and send the output. you should watch for “overlay” partition, in particular.