Is there a delay when synchronizing two smart switches?


I have a VeraPlus and I am planning to replace my switches with Inovelli ZWave On Off Smart Switch, Black Series. I would like to synchronize some of the switches. Meaning that if I turn one on, another switch immediately turns on, if I turn one off, the other one immediately turns off. I am planning to create scenes on the Vera Controller for that I guess.

My question is: will the synchronization be instantaneous or almost instantaneous (like less than a tenth of second)?

Otherwise, I saw that some smart switches can directly emit Z-Wave instructions for other devices. Would it be more appropriate for my need?

Thanks for your feedbacks

It depends. It should be under 2 secs.

Associations are the best solution in your case. If you don’t need external logic, but just to synchronize them, that’s the best way to accomplish your goal. It’ll be practically instant.

I´ve been using associations for almost 5 years, I replaced old 3-way switches, it usually takes less than a second to synchronize, almost instantly, on rare occasions it may take more than a second.

I am using both scenes and associations do that function.
I have a switch that triggers a scene to toggle two separate light switches in hard to reach positions. It generally works well but can be slow, sometimes there may be seconds between triggering and the first light switching and then more seconds between the first and second light switching - I tell my wife to be patient. (It depends on what VeraPlus is doing at the time, routing and what intermediate devices are doing at the time, plus many other factors that I am sure others can tell you about)
I also have 3 light switches separated by 20m or so that need to be in sync, I use associations for these. The lights will always come on within a second or less (99.5% of the time anyway).
3-way switches that are hard wired I leave as they are and put one zwave switch at the power supply end, the connections need to be changed slightly though. (Your electrician can point that out)>
My strategy - if associations work with the devices in question, I use that. Otherwise use scenes. Unfortunately not all devices will associate with every other device in your network.

Thanks everyone for your answers!

Could you define smart switch association please? Is it relying on the smart switch features without any interaction with the z-wave controller? So I guess I have to verify that the smart switches I am planning to buy can handle switch associations.

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