Is there a plugin that will work with weatherunderground?

I am looking at buying a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and nowadays virtually all of the consumer/home ones report to weatherunderground. I have used the Site Sensor Plugin with and the Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin by MiOS but all of the older weatherunderground plugins out there use the old API. Does anyone know if anyone has written a plugin for the new weatherunderground API that a VeraPlus running the UI7 code could use? Or possibly a command line for Site Sensor that would use the new API?

Other groups seem to have adapted for example the openHAB WeatherCompany binding supports the new API

Everything that Google turns up with regards to the Vera is for the old weatherunderground API.

I think the problem was that they stopped giving away free keys? … so there was no incentive for developers to update.

Most people moved to the DarkSky plugin for casual use.

I suppose that if you have a physical weather station then you actually get a key as part of the package?

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Yes if you have a physical weather station that supports weatherunderground then you get a free key.
Darksky went commercial and is now longer handing out free keys. If you got a key before they did that they gave you an extra year before making you pay.
The lack of “freeloader” keys wasn’t a barrier to openHAB
Most of the :“home/consumer” ie: cheap, PWS don’t have a way to interface with a PC.
They talk to their console and weatherunderground and that’s it. You are supposed to pull your info from weatherunderground.


There was the Weather plugin and found a copy here Not sure it will just work as is, but you can try.

Cheers Rene

Last development work done on that project was 4 years ago. Before the new weatherunderground API was even released.

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