Is there a plugin to read the system status?

is there a plugin to read the system status? like for example if i dont get any error messages (blue bars across the top) it would read system ok

Interesting question. Is there a specific failure you are looking for?

I think the question we first need to ask is… is there a system status? Specifically, a simple “master alarm” that has a value indicating an error anywhere? I’m not aware that this exists, but I also haven’t look until now, and I didn’t find one in my admittedly cursory examination.

The closest thing I can find related to the specific example mentioned, “blue bars across the top,” is that there’s a list of “tasks” that contains those error messages (like plugins failing lua/luup startup) in the status request response. There’s no direct access to that in Luup, it would have to fetched/polled and parsed. You could probably do that with SiteSensor (using a JSON query to, for example, and just check to see if response.startup.tasks exists and is non-zero length.

But this may not signal all alarms. Some testing would need to be done for specific device failures (e.g. cannot be configured–those message that appear on the devices themselves rather than at the top). I suspect a “catch all” solution is going to have to take on a multi-pronged approach.