is there a way to copy a scene?

I have approximately 40 modules. Creating a scene involving many modules, takes a bit of time. Is there a way that I can copy a scene, give it a new name and modify it, without losing the original scene? For example: I have they seen for upstairs all off, downstairs all off, and outside all off. I would like to have a scene that would allow me to turn all of them off at once.

I’m not sure if that works for you and if it really easier or less work.

You could use JSON (See: ), find your scene, copy it, rename it and send it to your Vera.

To be honest, I would not recommend that to you. I have 30+ modules and this has becoming complex. Using functions like JSON may end up in unexpected results and then you have a lot of work starting from scratch resetting your network and your Vera.

Thanks for the info. I’ll take your word for it regarding the unexpected results. I’ll just continue to do it the long way. I spent too much time getting the system to where it is now. I don’t want any more unexpected results.

Vera needs a way to either copy scenes OR get scenes to run in serial through a single trigger.

Old post I know, but considering the time that’s past; does anyone know if the ability to copy an existing scene has been made possible ?

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