Is there any way to integrate HIKVISION IP Cameras within Vera?

I’m wondering if anyone has attempted to integrate HIKVISION IP Cameras with Vera?
Specifically model ECI-T22F2 - 2MP Turret Camera.
I wonder if they can be controlled and monitored from the HIKVISION DVR as well as accessed from Vera?
Even if they could only be viewed from Vera I would be pleased.

You can’t stream IP cameras directly to you’re Vera, but what you can do is install the plugin BlueIris. You also run the application on a Windows PC and that enables you to view your cameras in Vera.

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Thanks @Pabla.
I will check out BlueIris a bit down the road.
I have a HikVision NVR and 6 IP Cameras.
I might just stick with the dedicated Security Camera System for this purpose.
It’s just that the VistaCam 1101’s night vision fails! I’ve had 3 1101’s all have their night vision fail just after a year or the first winter. So these expensive Cameras are now useless at night. I was looking for a replacement.

Yea even with BlueIris it’s not going to be as good as IP Camera viewer. The Vera app often struggles with viewing live footage, most people use the BlueIris integration to gain access to the motion detection of the cameras to trigger scenes etc.

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