Is this forum dead or alive?

Another 8…


Ok to the point… this forum is a bit slow because there aren’t that many users. I am also on he HA forum which I have practically never seen more than 10 min between 2 posts and is very difficult to keep up with… So it is all relative. I wouldn’t call it dead but hopefully more users will come in and share their experience and problems. As @rigpapa said, it could be because there are fewer problems or that people just gave up hope on getting the problems fixed or that they moved on to other platforms. I think this forum remains a great source of information and help.

I think the OP has hit one of the (several, if I’m honest) things I don’t like about this software

  1. Unread != unread. It only shows unread posts in topics that you are ‘tracking’ So you have to track every topic if you want a complete picutre
  2. New Topic != Unread. I’m not even going there.
  3. Latest view still makes you scroll through stuff you’ve read. And you have to go to the latest view because, well, point 2


Rafale77, yes agreed, I don’t see a lot of well knowns a lot anymore (amg, richard shaeffer, forgot his name but he wrote the previous best app before imperihome to control vera, etc.). And sorry Melih, but I would have expected a lot more since the takeover.

I am still a big big fan of Vera!

But the (ongoing) lack op proper device support for zwave devices is killing my appetite. And I think the fact that having all my automation built in Vera and migrating to another platform is not a simple project still keeps me with Vera…

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Speaking as a former “Top 10 Poster” (that was nearly 10 years ago, back when we were all moaning about new UI releases and sundry bugs), I’m very happy with my once-a-week summary of new posts.

I like the new forum format and the (overall) positivity it seems to engender. In fact, I actually get a bit excited by new content now, since I figure it means something constructive has been added.

The rest of the time, I just sit on my hands and enjoy how my VeraPlus is operating now, confident in the knowledge that the “folks in charge” are dreaming up new and better ways for the unit to interact with the world. #IFTTTin2019 #ecobeeNative #etc


20 new posts since 6 days…

1 interesting message from Melih about new hardware (firmware on existing vera’s as well) that gives me a little hope (a very little).

The ‘New’ category is confusing indeed. It only shows the new topics and that is not so much indeed. Replies to existing topics only show in latest. I now go to latest until I see the red horizontal line that indicate what I should have seen during the previous visit.


BTW latest won’t show you new topics…


After a long time of monitoring this forum I must say this is more dead than alive… I have about 1-3 topics a day and about max to 5 replies to existing topics a day (on average). The old forum had a lot more interaction…

I hope this is due to the ramp up of the new forum…

There’s a lot of interaction you don’t see. The dev chatter is pretty high right now, which is really cool. We’ve got Vera staff on here interacting with us, keeping pace with us message for message as we work through questions, issues, etc. The Atom Beta generated a lot of traffic you would not see unless you were a participant. As for the rest of the community, maybe people just don’t have questions. Maybe it’s easier for them to find answers here than search the previous site. But there has always been an ebb and flow, even in the old forums. Some days are hot, some are not.

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No idea how you’re missing all this stuff.

I’ve got 3 threads with unread posts in the last 30 minutes or so.

I probably post more than 5 times a day on my own…


looking solid but here are a lot more factors to a healthy community other than the number of posts and topics.

quality of content, daily engaged users, new contributors, numbers of signups among other things. and they are all in a crescendo since the transition.

we’re also adding more vera staff into the community

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In the last 3 hours I’ve got 12 new posts on several threads and one new thread…


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I can guarantee you that the new FW and the GH integration will boost the post rate…

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Where do you see new posts? I have 1 new topic and one post (this thread)

If I go to latest I see attached. Counting 10-12 replies this day?

It depends on how many threads you subscribe to. The more topic you post in, the more you will subscribe to. If you want to see all the new posts, you can go to the “latest” section and see all the updated threads now called topics. The 10-12 are not reply counts but topics which got a reply. Many got much more than 1. The ezlo devs and users tagged developers also have a private section which is very active at the moment with all the testing going on where we update one another about our findings and suggestions.

It is definitely picking up. Not as many posts daily as in the past, but seems there is increased interest.

13 posts in 6 topics overnight


Yes, same here. But I have to go to latest manually and then click all topics to “find” them. The previous forum was more intuitive there.

It was
I think I managed to subscribe to loads of threads. I have a link to ‘Latest’

I did have a longish discussion with Sorin about the insanity of new threads not being shown as ‘un-read’ and I totally agree the old software was far more sensible in that respect but meh.


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