Issues Adding New Tilt Sensor


I just added an Ecolink tilt sensor to my system (Vera Lite running UI5). It’s actually a replacement sensor for an older one that’s failing.

My Vera doesn’t seem to be communicating very well with the sensor. I get the messages “Waiting for wakeup to configure device” and “Failed at getting the version”. To be cear, it’s adding the device but does not seem to be communicating with it.

The Vera also added the sensor as a Generic IO for what it’s worth.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong? I removed and re-added the sensor and was met with the same result. I haven’t added a new device to my configuration in a long time. Am I missing something? Any help would greatly be appreciated.



Is it this sensor? TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO

This is a Z-Wave Plus device. UI5 in your VL won’t have the right definitions to include it correctly. Generic inclusion may also have issues. Your best bet would be to open a support ticket. I’m sure they can sort it out.

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Yeah, that’s it. The box even says Z-Wave Plus. I didn’t realize that was going to be a problem. Who do you recommend me opening a ticket with? Vera or Ecolink?



I would suggest Vera.

Good luck!

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That’s the issue, clambert. UI5 does not support Z-Wave Plus. The Customer Care team will guide you to the best solutions.

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I’m just going to buy a mercury switch and fix my old sensor for now. Guess I’ll hang on to the Z-Wave Plus sensor when I eventually upgrade. Thank you all.