JASCO Switch keeps showing as OFFLINE

I have 2 Jasco Wall Switches that I keep getting E-Mails showing they are OFFLINE. But if I go into the Vera Control, they work fine. They are also located in the same room as the Vera Controller, so distance shouldnt be an issue. Have checked all the wiring & everything is tight. Hate to just Junk them & replace with NEW as that costs $$$$. Am working on changing all lights over to LED in my home to save money and need Vera/Alexia integration as I am disabled and have set everything up to make my life easier.

Now just have to crawl under my Mobile Home to running wiring from my Nest Thermostat to my HVAC system that I am rebuilding.

Please help with any ideas on things to check or just let me know if I need to bite the bullet and replace them.