Key Fob Buttons

Greetings, I’m porting over all of my programs/scenes from PLEG to Reactor. Nothing complicated and all going well. But…I can’t figure out the correct condition for the Aeon Gen5 key fob buttons.

In PLEG, it was easy to set the Button number (1-8) and also enabled ‘Repeats’. With this, a button press would run the activity each time.

Any help would be appriciated

I don’t use those fobs, although I probably should, but I imagine they are probably implemented using the standard Vera scene controller method of writing the button number to either the sl_SceneActivated or sl_CentralScene state variable on the device (you need to figure out which–see below).

So your logic would look something like this:

In the logic, there’s a group for each button (add more as needed). The group will go true briefly when the button is hit. The "true* activity for the group can take whatever actions you need corresponding to that button. The first condition in each group is used to match the button number, and the second condition provides the “repeats” behavior. It takes two conditions because of a peculiarity in the way Vera handles those particular variables (those that start with sl_).

When you start configuring your conditions, your fob device may have sl_SceneActivated or sl_CentralScene or both. It’s usually either-or, so the choice is easy (use what’s there), but in case it has both for some reason, you just need to try one and see if it works; if not, try the other.

You sir, are the best. Wish I could be half as smart as you. I never would have figured that out.
Thanks and all the best.