Knowing if anyone is home for certain?

Maybe it´s OT, but if so, admin can move this question.
I would like to be able to use Reactor (or something similair) to be able to determine if someone is home.
If there has been movement inside the house, and no doors have opened, then this value or a virtual switch is home or 1. Would this be possible to do? With Reactor?

I’ll jump in with the caveat I may be totally wrong:

Reactor, per se, can’t determine that. You need some logic (potentially in Reactor) to make the determination.

I use iPhone locator to determine (with an acceptable degree of accuracy) if my devices are located at home which is OK, but you could use a selection of sensors (movement mostly I guess, but also IR and cameras with motion detection) to determine if anyone is actually in the house…


How much battery does using iPhone Locator vs the mobile app’s geofencing use up?

Nothing noticeable. OTOH the app geofencing doesn’t work.
At all.


Yes, I have a similair setup - with the use of Netmon. But It´s not 100 % reliable (btw, what is?) So my aim is to tweak it one more step. In order to automate the changing of modes/arming the house. I know that there isn’t any function within the Reactor, but I believe it will play a major roll in the solution.

I’ve not had bad luck with the app itself. Now, the beta… that was a different story. I went back just this week to the RC and it’s been ok this weekend.


We use the Vera App geofencing that works about 90% reliable. If it is too late at having us home we can shout to an Alexa that we are.

For exit i have a push notification so as long as I remember to look at that I know we are not checked out and have to do it manually. O, just reminds me…yes we’re good for today :smile:

Cheers Rene

The Vera Mobile App geofencing is supported in Reactor, and let’s you do more than just switch house modes.

In addition, I have another geofencing solution I’ve been working on in the background (mobile app-based). A few people have been testing it with me for a couple of months. If you’d like to try it and you’re not in the EU, please contact me via PM here.

Too bad Sweden is in the EU… :pensive:

Hmmm, maybe we can leave…


Yeah, so sorry, truly. From the technical side, it works anywhere that smartphones do, but the GDPR thing… too much risk for a project I currently view as experimental.


I use the plugin “ping sensor”. I ping the phone. You have to be connect to your wifi with your phone. Now you can easy see which phone is home. :wink:

Just as an idea, but some TPLink routers have IFTTT integration. You could tell IFTTT if someone is connected to WiFi then do this… I find that at least in my house (my wife and I) always have our phones when we leave. The nice thing about this is that it uses WiFi and not GPS.

I have geofence with ifttt and a custom script asking the router about connected devices. It is mostly ok, even if not instantly. But I mainly use it for notifications, to decide what’s relevant based on presence. In the future I plan to make an experiment with presence tracker based on beacons.

Just to get this whole discussion on topic…
Fanan. You can use Reactor for this purpose as long as you have your motion sensors and door sensors.
You just need to make 1 reactor and use AND on all the sensors as false. That way, if all sensors are showing no movement and the doors are all closed, then set the output to do whatever you want. (vswitch, mode change, whatever.)
You can also use the restrictions with a “Condition must be sustained at least 600 seconds” so it watches all sensors in the reactor conditions to see if anything changes.

That will not work, unless you have sensors covering literally every corner of your house.

I usually stay in a designated room for hour and I don’t open any door during that period. The only way to really check for presence is by combining at least geofencing with other sensors (movement, router, Bluetooth, and so on).

I had the same challenge. What I did was:

  • Enable GEOlocation on my and my girlfriends phone, and make a GEO-zone around your house. Do NOT use the Vera function to automatically set Home/away, it is buggy as ****.

  • Gave our phones an fixed IP address

  • Installed the following app’s on my Vera: Reactor & Ping Sensor

  • I made ping-sensors for me, my girlfriend, polling the IP’s every 15 seconds

  • I made two reactor sensors, one for “comming home” and one for “okay, maybe they left…”

  • In the “comming home” reactor, the main conition is “OR” and then several subconditions-groups, 2 for every person. One is a condition “if house mode is away or vacation” AND “User … is in geofence”, the other one is “if house mode is away or vacation” and “Ping sensor … is tripped and equals 1”.

  • In the “okay, they all left, I’m home alone” reactor, the main condition is “AND” and then I made subconditions for the ping-sensor and geo-location. But, it is important to add to the ping sensors the restriction "Condition must be sustained for -at least- 300 seconds. Or something a bit smaller, because occasionally it can happen that your phone is out of Wifi range for a short period. That happened before to my girlfriends phone when she was home alone, Vera thinks she left, and the house went dark … It’s good for a laugh but it can scare the sh*t out of other users:rofl:

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I just tried the native Vera App too and noticed it doesn’t always work.

@anauta, how do you enable GEOlocation without using the Vera app?

I use iPhone locator and Reactor…


do you need LUA code to use iphone locator? if so, can you give me some samples. i am not good at coding

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