KWH energy reading from AC/ Heat reactor + hundred graphs

So i wanted to do more with energy because the way my home is set up it ans 2 circuits incoming a 40 amp circuit solely for the condenser outside and a 100 amp circuit going inside that i currently have my Aeotec HEM Gen 2 on. my problem was finding out how much energy KWH my outside condenser was using without buying another HEM (Probably will do that later)

my thermostat has a few interesting variables one is
“ModeState” = cooling/ Idle
cooling whenever the outdoor coil is on

I used reactor to calculate the KWH used and the unit is a 3300 Watt unit
originally i had one reactor doing the reading and calculation but i had to split it because the reactor was throttling

Calculator doe every 5 minuted

the variables are then sent to hundred graphs

Just a tip: throttling isn’t necessarily a problem. The parameters are set quite conservatively by default, but if you need less stringency for your application, they can and should be tuned. There’s a section in the wiki about it.