Latest Firmware / Centralite 3315-G Water Sensor

I’m trying to add a 3315-G water sensor and it only shows up as a Generic Zigbee device. In searching this forum, it seems there is a firmware update to the Zera Plus that adds this as a devices…

…but when I go into Firmware on my Vera Plus, it says, “You are running the latest version 1.7.4125.”

I’m not entirely sure if this is a beta or not, which would explain why it isn’t OTA, and if so, how do I get a beta?

Add it as a generic device and the VERA will recognize it it as the centrality water sensor. It is works as a water sensor and gives temp as well.

Thanks. I did try that and it never updated to be recognized. I found another post here where someone with an Iris Water Sensor was having a similar issue. I did the same as that post (D_LeakSensor1.json in the device json and D_TempLeakSensor1.xml for the device file) and it’s working now.

I don’t get the temp this way, but that’s not really what I need it for. Water detection is most important.

Thanks for the reply. If I ever run across a 2nd one at a decent price I’ll try it let it discover again on it’s own.

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