Latest Minimote firmware

I did some digging and found the most recent Aeon Labs (now Aeotec) minimote firmware and “engineering sheet”. As I was looking for them, I figured others would be as well, so I’m sharing here.
I upgraded and paired with my Vera Plus running UI7 and it worked fine. I now get settings for the scene buttons, etc.
The engineering sheet is here and the V1.19 firmware is here. From here you can select your country.



Super… thanks so much!

…except the link to the spec gets me this

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Ah, OK. Maybe the URL got chewed up. Go to the Gen 1/2 Engineering Sheets and pick Minimote from the list of options.

I’ll check too! Thanks!

Now if I could only coax my MiniMotes to retain any semblance of a reasonable battery life. One never held a charge (right out of the box) and pretty much had to stay plugged in, which is a lose-lose scenario (aside from being tethered, its glaring blue ‘charging’ LED light not compatible with sound sleep).

THANKS for the firmware pointer!

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My Minimotes have been on the v1.19 firmware for years.

What functionality didn’t you have before updating to v1.19 ?

Question: Is there any handheld remote similar to the MiniMote that doesn’t cost a bunch and is perhaps more reliable?

Thanks for any recommendations. I just wanna be able to control stuff at night without fumbling too much in the dark. Could even be something that stays plugged in!!

P.S. Yep, as someone else stated above, my MiniMotes have been on f/w revision 1.19 since its release 3-4 years ago. Dunno why this announcement happened, but we all get excited about firmware releases, don’t we?? :slight_smile:


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I like the Hank 4-button controllers in that price range. USB rechargeable, so you can leave it plugged in or walk with it. It’s a smallish form, about 50mm square, and 7.31 firmware supports double-press and long-press variants, so you can trigger 12 events.

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Thanks for the rec, @rigpapa. I was literally moments away from digging through my drawers full of old X10 controllers, and working one of them into my workflow.

(Oh, it would work, but would it be pretty??) :smiley:

Will def. check out the Hank, NodOn Octan and Aeon NanoMote (in descending order of Ratings, per Amazon) to see what floats.


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ZRC-90 is good, but quite a lot bigger

I’ve got a couple of keyfobs as well: Z-Wave.Me

Bit fiddly to get paired but work fine afterwards


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I thought it was a new firmware too, I’ve been on 1.19 too. I’ve had a fine experience with the device. I tried association mode and was only partially successful. Now I screwed up a button and the wrong device goes off. Lol.

Maybe I’ll look at the guide again. Would hate for my simple on off scenes to cause z-wave queuing or got can or nonce…lol!!!

Having reviewed all the multi-button remotes we’ve talked about, I decided the ZRC-90 best fits the bill, but sadly it seems there are none being sold anywhere.

If you guys know of a reputable source for the Remotec ZRC-90 (that works IN THE U.S.!), please lemme know.

THANKS! - Libra had a new years sale on the zrc90s and I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy one.

They still have some 2 button go control scene controllers for $12. They are kind of chunky as they are designed to go over a wall switch but you can take off the single-gang faceplate and it’s candy bar sized. (Full sized, not fun size). I have some and they paired to my HS fine.

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