Launching IFTTT from Vera scene

Is it possible to launch IFTTT from a scene yet? If so, are there any tutorials on how to do it?


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See this post for how to call an IfTTT Webhook from Vera. You will have to put the command in the LUA section of your scene (ignore the stuff about PLEG you can just use a scene with the LUA code)

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I used this to control my Wink since the Wink plug in was removed. Basically you call webhooks from Vera and Webhooks can control other IfTTT apps.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Most of my devices are on Homey now, as I can then control even my Ikea stuff. However, there’s a bug (or brain fart) where a flow (scene) isn’t triggered by physically pressing buttons on a switch. Changing the switch by software, however, triggers…Kind of dumb, but now I need both my controllers :stuck_out_tongue:

This worked like a charm. Added a little delay to the flow/scene, but way better than having to launch from the app.