LeakSmart sensor

I added three leaksmart water sensors to my Vera plus as generic zigbee devices. They synced with the controller but only show up as a temperature sensor. Does anyone know how I can get them to show up as a water sensor?

You can change the device files, here is more info including HomeSeer Leak Sensor HS-LS100+

I updated the device type and xml file, but not see an option to update the JSON file. It now shows an arm and disarm on the device but there is no trigger for the sensor, just triggers for the temperature.

have you reloaded the luup engine and hard refreshed the browser?

I restated the browser and the the Vera plus controller and still only see the temperature triggers. Is there someplace where I have put in the JSON file?

You can look in apps>develope aps>luup files to see what files are on the unit.

As this is a zigbee device what are the configured and supported clusters, you can see them advanced>variables

I found the location to update the json file and now it works great. it will trigger on the water sensor. i did lose the temperature portion. i am not sure if i can just merge the temperatur and flood json files to make both functions work or not.

Try creating a child device using the flood sensor id as the parent, then direct that device to temperature xml and json.

If you merge jsons give them different unique names.

as @ElCid said, it’s only of matter of UI. if you look under Variables, you’ll see the CurrentTemperature one.
my favorite trick is (as Vera will do when the device is correctly recognized) to just create a child device by hand. the value should be carried over. if not, just use some code to mirror the variables. we’ve posted it plenty of times on this forum, but I’d find it if you’re not able to figure it out by yourself.

I thought the leaksmart was working but when I triggered it with water it did not send me a notification. Is there away to check which variable should be changing when the sensor is triggered?

I did ask the question about clusters, as Vera only support a few, here is list Xiaomi Aqara stuff Works Natively.
Unless the leak sensor uses these clusters, it is not going to function.

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