Level Lock (Bluetooth/Homekit)

I just purchased a new Level Lock (https://www.level.co/). I was immediately intrigued because it’s essentially an invisible smart lock that doesn’t require me to have an ugly control box (or add-on motor over the deadlock, like an August) on the interior of my front door. Unfortunately, this lock is bluetooth and only compatible with Homekit.

I have scoured the community for information on Homekit integration of any kind, and most of what I found is a couple years old and would imply that Homekit integration with Vera is highly unlikely, due to a variety of factors including Apple’s hardware requirements.

So, my question for the community…is there any way I can utilize Vera to control this new lock, knowing that my Vera Plus has bluetooth (although I’ve never used it)? I like the idea of having a keyless lock when I’m there (this is my weekend home), but having remote lock/unlock capability is equally important to me.

I’m not looking for anything sophisticated - I’d just like to be able to control the lock remotely without having to setup an AppleTV, homepod or iPad to serve as a Homekit hub. I’ve asked Level if they plan to produce a z-wave or wifi version of their lock - their response would lead me to believe that’s a long way off, if ever.

Input appreciated.

Unfortunately even though the Vera plus is advertised to have Bluetooth functionality it never was introduced. However there are ways to integrate Vera with HomeKit. I am currently using the AutomationBridge by Skaro.

Thank you @pabla. Just for my own clarification, does AutomationBridge make your Homekit devices visible/controllable with your Vera, or does it only provide support the other way around (i.e. making all your Vera-connected devices controllable with AppleHome/Siri)? Do you see your homekit devices in your Vera dashboard and can you control them from there?

I really have no interest in using AppleHome/Siri. I just want this new lock to be remotely controllable through my Vera (via Vera web interface or app).

No it only makes the Vera devices shop in HomeKit and not the other way around

I do not understand. The Vera Plus is advertised as being Bluetooth compatible yet it is not working? Why does Ezlo continue advertising the Vera Plus and Vera Secure as Bluetooth compatible if Bluetooth does not work on it. A tad misleading I would say.

Yes it’s very misleading, but honestly Bluetooth support isn’t really that useful either. With bluetooths Limited range and lack of mesh support you wouldn’t be able to do much with it anyways

Hello Pabla.

How has been your experience with the integration between VERA and HomeKit using Skaro Automation Bridge.

Currently I have integrated them using Homebridge on Raspberry Pi, it works good, however there is a known issue with the status, it keeps track of devices operation on Homekit app, but when devices are operated out of HomeKit (e.g. a switch manually operated) the status is not updated on HomeKit unless closing and reopening the HomeKit app.

Using Skaro, are the status of devices operated out of HomeKit app updated?

The native integration of HomeKit on Vera has been a wanted feature for me from long time ago, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

An Skaro Automation Bridge is expensive, but if it works good and without the status issue I may consider buying it.

I don’t have any issues with that. Unfortunately the AutomationBridge suffers from an issue where it won’t show device statuses correctly when you’re away from home. This is the only issue it has, otherwise it’s very stable and constantly gets updated

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