Lightwave RF Smart Series

Is there still no way to integrate Lightwave RF Gen 2 (now called Smart Series) with Vera? The Gen 2 stuff has been around for ages and surprised there is seemingly so little discussion on the topic. I have Gen1 switches all over the house but would like to switch to gen 2. I have just purchased a single gang light switch (£60) to have a play.

I’ve been told by RFXCOM that Lightwave RF Gen 2 operates at 868Mhz. This is different than the 433.92 Mhz that the RFXtrx transceiver uses.

How do you find the Gen1 works, is it reliable with Vera ?. I was holding out for Gen2 compatibility (hoping vera would roll our a new hub with homekit) however i might give in and go for Gen1.

The Smart series requires a hub (Link Plus), this has an API accessible on the IP LAN so integration would be that way rather than over RF. The API is here:

Unfortunately I don’t think this integration is ever likely to happen.