Linking thermostats

Morning all

Not sure if this is possible, but can thermostats be linked so to change temperature I can do them all at once?

Clearly I can set a scene (and have set a couple) for night time / general temps but sometimes I like to change the temperature during the day. Currently Alexa does that most of the time. Would be nice to maintain that simplicity but…



You can indeed create a scene triggered by temperature setting changes on one master thermostat so as to send the same temperature setting to other thermostats… shouldn’t be too hard to do. The action is no different from the scene you already have. You just have to set the trigger to be another variable.

I did figure that might be possible. I shall look deeper.


Hmm looks like I need to do this in code? Reactor doesn’t appear to let me use the variable as a inout?


I can’t parse this, but in any case, this recent thread discusses mirroring three (or any number of) dimmers, so changing one changes all others in sync. The same approach can be used for thermostats, if I understand what you’re asking.

Apologies, i meant input not inout.

I shall read the link

That seems to work. I think there's a race condition if you turn the dial on the master by (say) 2 degrees, it only picks up the one on the 'slave' but given I tend to set them direct, that's pretty cool.

What stumped me was not deleting the ‘zero’ from the target set point bu deleting that showed the variable. Very cool!



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