Live Monitored Security with Vera Plus / Can I use existing sensors? Or do I need Vera Secure?


Afternoon all. Long time Vera Plus owner (2 locations) and am now looking to switch one location from my ADT system monitoring which is ridiculously expensive to VERA live monitoring. Few questions I’m hoping someone can clear up:

1st of All - Does Vera offer a Live Security/Monitoring service? What is VeraProtect? I can’t find any pricing/signup info, I’m located in New Jersey.

  1. Can I use my current Vera Plus or do I need a Vera Secure?
  2. I want to have 3G Cellular, can this be added onto Vera Plus?
  3. My current Wireless sensors on all of my doors/windows, they are from ADT, is there a way to use them? If not, any recommendations for reasonably priced sensors?
  4. Any other feedback or advice would be appreciated.





I would recommend this thread to see what it really takes to make Vera work like a traditional alarm system: Full Instructions: Setting up VeraSecure as a Home Security System

You could do this with a VeraPlus, but you would need to add battery back-up, the 3G modem (if you check here, these two are listed as Optional, External), and a z-wave or similar siren.

If you go this route on a VeraPlus, then you are looking at z-wave or zigbee sensors, while on a VeraSecure you could use 2Gig sensors which are less expensive.

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Thanks, read through the thread, very surprised there’s not much more specific info on this. Or more “alarm monitoring” setups with the Vera Secure.

Especially no pricing plans or more info on how this ties into live monitoring, I guess you can do alarm dot com? Info is scarce… on whether Vera has their own monitoring service or you go to another 3rd party…

Also, still unsure if I can use my Honeywell sensors (are they 2gig?) this would save a lot and maybe make just getting a VeraSecure worth it.

Thank you though and I’ll continue to research.



Just spoke w/ Vera, VERA PROTECT isn’t available and no idea on when it will be working. So basically there is ZERO way to have Central Live Monitoring with Vera. Sad…