Local Backup Vs Server backup

So after doing some testing on my vera with moving setups from one V+ to another, I found an interesting detail with the backup, I’m not sure if it is just isolated to me but I found this interesting

If you are logged in through the Mios Tunnel and u use the backup and you see
and it has the option to upload to the server

this is a backup is synced to the controller so in any case that your controller dies, it will be very difficult to restore from one of these backups. this is the server backup and for the life of me, i couldn’t get this restored to a new controller b/c the server preventing the vera from downloading or restoring the backup file because of a different PK id.

The local backup does not do this

Local backups are different from server backups
local backups can be restored to any controller with no problem

so if there could be an option like a checkbox @Sorin for local vs server backup

Surely the fact that you can already create local backups obviates this? I may be being stupid :slight_smile:

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