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Hey @Sorin how can I create a local backup of my vera

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I go to back up page in settings and click create backup, it is download to my download folder of my browser.

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local backups can be restored to any controller of the same model as the HW key is not encrypted or synced to the backup. for some eason i can only do cloud backups

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Hi Richie,

The backup files are not stored on your controller but in the cloud, so it’s tied to your account. To download a backup you’ll have to be logged in.

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i need to restore a backup to a new controller y old one died every time i try it doesn’t work i get an error message

Finally figured this out myself today.

Added the following to contrab via root:

23 0 * * * curl -o - -m 30 ‘’ 2>&1
5 0 * * * /usr/bin/backup.sh 2>&1

In terms of the backup script, created the following:

root@MiOS_XXXXXXXX:/data/backup/archives/XXXXXXXX# cat /usr/bin/backup.sh

backup_file="/tmp/Backup_download.tgz" # Generated by /usr/bin/backup-store.sh

serial="$(nvram get vera_serial)"
dest_file=“ha-gateway-backup_${serial}$(cat /etc/cmh/version)$(date +%F).tgz”

sh /usr/bin/backup-store.sh D
mkdir -p “${dest_path}”
mv “${backup_file}” “${dest_path}/${dest_file}”

Of course, in my example I am using a USB stick for Vera local logging and have reused the 2nd partition mounted at ‘/data’.

The above should give you sufficient insight as to how to trigger both (a) a zwave network backup and (b) Vera device backup. Should my device fail, I can take the USB stick out and rebuild on a different piece of hardware. Nothing is stored in the Vera cloud in this fashion, but of course be cognizant that even a local backup is susceptible to failure if not regularly offloaded and backed up :wink:

Reused some ideas and code snippets from @rigpapa 's work. So just wanted to edit this post and provide credit where due.

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