Logic group ZHC5020 (ZIF5020) underfloor heating control

I am having a lot of trouble finding out the right way to get this to work, it is a small underfloor heating unit, but i can’t get it to communicate back to vera, if i activate a output it is only shows for a short amount of time then it set et state back to of but it is still on?
i am not a skilled programmer so i can’t seem to figure this out.
all my dokumentation is in danish and i can’t find it in english

Tilf_jelse_af_LHC5020_til_Vera_Gateway_V4.pdf (840.1 KB) lhc5020-brugervejledning-dk_konfigurationsparametre.pdf (169.7 KB) LHC5020_datablad.pdf (645.3 KB) lhc5020-brugervejledning-dk_logic-group-logo.pdf (350.7 KB)


zif5030-users-manual-en.pdf (588.2 KB)
i found the manual for the the big brother unit and that is in english, and i see it is the same settings and only with miner differences as this runs 230 volt instead of 24volt.

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