Looking for Z-wave or Zigbee switch that has internal relay

I’m looking for a load control device that does NOT use a semiconductor switch. There are lots of switches and appliance modules out there but most use some kind of semiconductor as the load control device. I’d like to have one that actually uses an internal relay so that there is no leakage current when the switch is off. In reviewing available products it’s almost impossible to tell what they use for load control. Obviously any device that is a dimmer would not fill my needs. Anyone know of such a device that works with Vera?

Leviton DZ15S-1BZ
GE 14291
GE 12727

I stay away from Linear/GoControl… 100% failure rate after less than two years. The above switches have a 0% failure rate; I have earlier versions of the Leviton (VRS15-1LZ) that are now crossing the five year service mark with no problems.

Thanks for the reply. These appear to all be in-wall switches. I should have mentioned that I’d like to have a plugin module.

I use the Aeotec Smart Switch 6.

where about are you?

There’s plenty options in the UK


I’m in the US. I’ve actually ordered one each of two different switch modules. I’ll reply with my results soon.

The Aeotecs are good, as is this one: https://www.domeha.com/z-wave-plug-on-off-switch

Works perfectly with Vera and has energy monitoring. The Dome has a smaller form factor, which can be helpful.

I purchased a NuTone NPS15Z appliance module (which they no longer sell/support). This is of course a Nortek device and I think is the same as GoControl and some others. These have received negative reviews here but they are less expensive and are claimed to be compatible. I had some trouble pairing this thing. It never advanced to the page for entering a name and assigning a room. I gave up and unplugged it but later got a Vera notification the a device was no longer connected. I plugged it back in, refreshed the Vera browser page and there it was! Vera then notified me that the device was again connected. It seems to work just fine and since the load connected to it tiny I expect it to continue to work for me.