Lost energy monitoring on qubino flush 2 relay endpoints

Hi Guys,

My qubino flush 2 relay became very slow with status updates in my Veraplus. I got the idea that if I let vera reconfigure it, it might be fast again. However when I hit the “configure node right now” button the device got removed, recreated and it lost the ability of power metering on the 2 endpoints.
I’m wondering if this is a “software” issue in the Vera or a hardware issue. To reset the qubino to it’s factory defaults is quite cumbersome so I’m hoping it’s actually fixable in software :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?


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I use couple of different Qubino devices and in the past it was really painfull experience, many times requiring full removal and re-inclussion of devices.
From .27 firmware, it was properly integrated to Vera. From that point I made clean setup of my ZWave network and just few times was forced to force vera to reconfigure device - usually issues with energy metering. Later last year with .29 firmware,disabling polling for most of my devices and disabling night healing, my ZWave NW is rock solid and for about 6 months had no issue with any devices including Qubino. In your case I recommend completly remove and include affected Qubino device on new .31 firmware and doublecheck if you have best practices from rafale followed.

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