Lutron Pico remote integration with Vera

Has anybody made progress getting Lutron Pico remotes to work with Vera? After having gone through several versions/iterations of minimotes for Z-wave-based communication with Vera, I have come to very much appreciate the multi-year battery life, intuitive button arrangement, and probably most importantly the profesional appearance of pico remotes when wall mounted. I use the RaRa2 plugin for Vera to talk to my Caseta Pro hub, which works great for light controller integration. But after spending 2 days trying to get Pico Remotes to work with the RaRa2 plugin, I’m ready to give up. I tried this a couple years ago with the old Lutron plugin a user made and apparently stopped supporting, but am I correct to understand that Pico remotes will not work with Vera?

Thanks if any ideas. Picos would be ideal scene controllers for Vera if only they would talk.

Pico remotes look like this:
and can be double-sided taped to a wall with a Decora wall plate around it to look like a profesionally installed, wall mounted remote.

If you have the RA2 plugin I documented how to get the Pico to work here: Lutron/Caseta Lights - Now that Wink is paid only, Here is how to use a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro with Vera

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