Luup reloads every time activities are saved?

With version 3.7 it seems that luup reloads every time reactor activities are saved. Tried to search if this is already a known issue, but couldn’t find anything. Or is it only with my setup?

p.s. @rigpapa, could you add a link to release notes / changelog from a Reactor sensor?

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Release notes and doc links are always in a pinned head post of this category that describes the current revision and the availability of any hotfixes. This post is updated whenever I update Reactor or publish hotfixes.

Do any of your activities contain notifications? Are you editing notifications? Do you get a message before the restart, or does it just do it? You are the first to report this issue, and naturally, I eat my own dog food (I use Reactor myself) and have not observed this behavior (except for native-mode notifications, where it is expected).

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I was editing native mode notifications, been editing those a lot so thought luup reload happens every time.


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