LUUP restart everyday at 5:53 pm

Seems as if ever since my Vera Plus was updated to 7.29 everyday at 5:53pm it has a LUUP restart. Ive attached the log at 5:53 when the LUUP restart occurred, I tried to see what the problem is an it maybe the myQ plugin. Let me know what y’all think maybe causing the issue!

Untitled copy.pdf (37.7 KB)

does open sprinkler actually work for you? .

i think we need more logs to determine because this is showing the system initializing. based from i what i see

Open sprinkler does seem to be working for me, haven’t used it properly yet due to the weather. Just noticed that somehow only a small portion of the logs got uploaded. I can’t access them farther back enough through the website link, will SSH have the logs from earlier on?

So I finally was able to capture the logs from a Luup restart. They’re happening more often now and not only at 5:53pm. Attached are the logs the restart happened at 00:52. Untitled 1.5.pdf (2.1 MB)