LUUP trigger notification without Vera Alerts plugin

Is there a way to trigger a notification from LUUP in a scene without using the Vera Alerts plugin? I am not opposed to using the plugin, but wanted to know if there was a way natively.

There is not an API to send a MCV alert.

There are various PUSH plugins, that work with LUA and Scenes.

The Vera Alerts plugin provides a standard interface for all the various push notification technologies that users have requested.
In addition to working with LUA and Scenes, it’s the only plugin that also works with device notifications defined using the standard MCV user interface.

There is LUA code that you can use to send an email (assuming you can access a SMTP server). You can then use an email gateway address for text messages supplied by your phone carrier to cause a text message to be sent via an email.

The LUA code for initiating email is documented here somewhere, I can hunt it up if you need it.

Do you mean something like this?

HOWTO: Get notifications via Prowl on your iPhone,4508.msg140619/topicseen.html#msg140619

I am sending notifications directly through LUUP codes… It was however not straightforward as you need to figure out your user number.

local http = require("socket.http") result,status = http.request ("http://vera_ip:3480/data_request?id=add_alert&device=0&type=3&source=3&description=**your message**&users=**yourusernumber**")

I can’t remember how I found my user number. I seem to vaguely remember going into my luup logs looking for it and finding it there.

What’s wrong with using the default scene notification feature?

A few things:

Say I have a scene with multiple conditions. Each conditions would need a different notification.
I could code such as for each condition it would trigger another scene which would only be a notification but this would be tedious. It is much more elegant to be able to send a notification directly from the lua code. I have a quite a few conditional scenes this way. Some part of the scene trigger only under certain conditions. I want some different notifications or notifications at all for different conditions. You can’t do this with the notification embedded within the scene.

Does anybody know where to find the user number?

I found mine in my LuaUPnP logs…

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