Make Reactor act on certain IP-adress?


I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask, but since it’s involving Reactor and Rigpapa is the wizard of developing Vera, I give it a try here…
What I would want is to be able to use my familys phones IP-adresses, as a trigger for activities. Kind of the same as geofencing - but the rest of my family don’t want to install the Vera app. They just want it to work. Is it possible to, or will it be possible to, trigger an action when someones phone connects to our router (and their static IP adress shows up as active)? This would be marvelous!
Thanks Rigpapa for the best contribution to Vera (Reactor). It makes all the difference! Have a nice day!


Flattering, of course, but I regard myself as more of a dedicated lifetime student of Vera. :smiley:

My default approach to this would be to use a plugin like @amg0’s Network Monitor plugin, and use Reactor conditions to launch activities based on its virtual motion sensors that it uses to represent network states. It should be a straight-line solution.

Be aware, though, that phones can/will put WiFi to sleep for various reasons, so you may find yourself in a position of needing multiple factors for true reliability.


Thank you humble lifetime student! I’ll give it a go!

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If it is iPhone you can also try iPhone locator plugin as an alternate method


I have been using iPhone Locator for years and it works excellently. In fact, we just returned from Europe and my wife’s location was about 3600 miles from home although we had been home for hours. Then I get a notification from Vera she is home and she tells me she forgot to take her phone off airplane mode when she realized she has no notifications or texts for hours. Within a couple of minutes of taking out of airplane mode, she is home.

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