Maybe simple, maybe not

I have a scene (1) that is toggled by movement and door that turns on some light (A). I have a delayed action that turns the light (A) off after 2 minutes. Simple. Has been so for years.

But it has been annoying all the time, cause when I run another scene manually - during the two minutes - that turns on e.g. all lights, the previously mentioned lights (A) still turn off after the two minutes because of scene 1.

I also have a MultiSwitch that sets a flag when one of four manual scenes is activated, but the delayed action that turns off the light (A) can not be conditioned by said flag. So it probably requires more scenes in succession or more luup? I have yet been unable to figure out exactly how to do this.

Any ideas, please?

Reactor. Seems to be the default answer these days.

Couple of components:
Detect movement > Turn on light
Turn on all lights > Toggle multiswitch
No movement sustained for two minutes and multiswitch not set > turn off lights

Does that help?


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