Mco home multi assiciation between few switches with vera plus

i have few mco home 510 switches with 3 button’s each
i want to make association between 2 or 3 switches
im with vera plus controller and succeeded do it for one button between 3 switches - using group id 2 as the manual says .
how do i make it for the other button’s (second and third) ?
this is from the manual :

Multi Channel Association:
To set association groups by the command “COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL_
The device supports several (key numbers +1) association groups (AG). The 1st AG is used for
reporting devices’state to the controller if any changes happen. This group supports one Node, which
suggested to be controller Node. The rest AGs are used for switching associated devices,and they
can support up to 5 nodes each.
AG NO. Function Explanation
0x01 Associate with gateway Send unsolicited reports to the gateway
0x02 Associate with Key 1
0x05 Associate with Key 2 if any send Basic Set Command to associated devices
0x08 Associate with Key 3 if any
Multi-panels (up to 5 ) controlling one load:
For example: Five MH-S511s and their Node IDs are: A-012, B-013, C-014, D-015, E-016

  1. Wire the load to any of the panel.
  2. Put all the other 4 panels NIDs: 013,014,015,016 into A’s AG 0X02
  3. Put all the other 4 panels NIDs: 012,014,015,016 into B’s AG 0X02
  4. Put all the other 4 panels NIDs: 012,013,015,016 into C’s AG 0X02
  5. Put all the other 4 panels NIDs: 012,013,014,016 into D’s AG 0X02
  6. Put all the other 4 panels NIDs: 012,013,014,015 into E’s AG 0X02