MiBoxer (formerly known as MiLight) WL-Box1 compatibility to MiLight plugin?

Hello vera Community
does anybody know if the new MiBoxer WiFi LED controller bridge is compatible with the MiLight plugin?

MiBoxer WL-Box1

Any experiences so far?
Your support is appreciated

Best regards

It seems just a rebranding. Box looks very similar to the ibox.

The MiBoxer devices use the Tuya cloud API and have a new mobile app. I have not yet been successful at getting them to work with the plugin or directly via the local API. Caveat emptor.

Ibox2: works with local API
WL-Box1: Not so much.

Extra caution: at least one EBay seller doesn’t know the difference. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh, good to know. Thanks.

Can you try tuya convert and see if the firmware is easily replaceable?

Travelling and won’t be home until 12th earliest (end of the month if they quarantine the ship–just kidding!) I’ll touch base again then if someone else hasn’t tried before.


Now I learnt that the API of the MiLight iBox2 isn‘t identical to the MiBoxer WL-Box1 I would like to ask the knowledgable experts in this forum to help and develop a vera-compatible plugin.

Can you please help?
Kind regards

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