MIMOlite for the garage gate

I have been using the device since a 6 months or so, I never had a problem with it. The only issue I am facing (might be something wrong I have done) that when I want to open or close the gate, I have to trigger the tap On then Off on my mobile app, even when I need to make a sense, I must choose an action following with a delay action, is this normal? or there’s a better way?

I have this on my garage door, and this is normal behavior. Setup a scene that watches for the button to turn on, just to turn it off a few seconds later. That should make your other scenes function a bit smoother without having to remember to turn it off for each one.

I already done that, I was looking for something easier.
Do you have any setup for sending notification if you forgot to close the door after some time? at least at certain times of the day (for example after 9pm?).