MIMOlite Garage Door help

Hi i need some help and i cant find anywhere how to fix it.

MIMOlite Garage Door plugin give me this error : Can’t Detect Device

Everything work find… it open door and close it … and it detect if the door is closed or not

but i have error in red under plugins device: Can’t Detect Device

please help me

Firmware version1.7.2608

MIMOlite Garage Door Contoller v 1.1

Sorry for my English i work on it… im french spoken :-[


Thanks for asking, I have the exact same problem!

Any luck with this? I just sent my mimolite in to get a FW upgrade and now I’m getting this issue as well, fyi I’m using inverted mode.

I have been following directions here with no issues till now

I also tried to to cut and paste the UI7 directions and the plugin device completely disappears and I have to remove and readd
UI7 Additional Requirements

UI7 also requires an additional setting under the “Advanced” tab. Change the “device_json” field to “D_MimoLiteGarageDoor.json” or “D_MimoLiteGarageDoor_invert.json” depending on your selected operating mode

I even tried changing device type and files per step 5 of old plugin with no luck
(Inverted Mode) Use the following steps if you need to connect your door sensor as “normally open.”
Use the following alternate device_type and device_files: “urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:GarageDoorControllerInverted:1” and “D_MimoLiteGarageDoor_invert.xml”. All other settings should remain the same.

For now, I’m forcing it to ignore the error with this lua script and will contact the plugin author

luup.set_failure (false, 100)

100 is the device# of the plugin

Were you able to resolve this?

I had my MimoLite working with the Garage door App on my Vera 2. I upgraded to a Vera Plus and now I can’t get the MimoLite to work properly with the App. Rather than try to migrate everything from the Vera 2 I moved each device manually excluding it from the Vera 2 and adding to the Vera Plus.

Once I install the app and configure it for the MimoLite, the MimoLite disappears and I get a warning on the VeraPlus dashboard that a device can’t be located.

I’m unclear as to the terminology used where they refer to inverted/normal operation. Are they talking about the Normally Open or Normally Closed connections?

The RTS Garage Door Plugin works out of the box.

Does it require the MimoLite Plugin?

No. It is completely independent of it and it works. You need a tilt sensor and a MIMOlite.


So since I got the mimolite back with the new fw, everything seems to be ok. You pay for shipping, but they upgrade and ship back for free.

@Sammy2, does the RTS solution require a tilt sensor? I have my mimolite hardwired to garage door contacts and prefer that route.

I’m going to set to to set up some scenes to monitor the sensor better with the mimolite plugin

I’m using a separate relay and the garage door reed switch to connect to the MimoLite sensor input. Without the MimoLite Plugin where do I get the sensor input?

Is that a wired or Z-Wave Sensor?

If wired, it goes to the S Terminal.

If Z-Wave, it goes is controlled by the Garage Door Plugin.

Scroll down for setup information in Vera and wiring diagrams:


It’s the wired magnetic reed switch for the garage door. I know how to wire it, but how do I tell the Garage Door Plugin where the MimoLite sensor is so it can know if the door is open or closed? So, I think I actually do need the MimoLite Plugin to create the Binary Sensor Device.

I never installed the MIMOlite Plugin. I included the MIMOlight in Vera then installed the RTS Garage Door Plugin following the instructions on RichardTSchaeffer’s Website linked above.

I will add that I use a Z-Wave tilt sensor and not a wired sensor so that may require a modified setup. You may want to drop Richard an email or PM.

Also take a look here. You probably need to adjust or even add in some of the Parameters, which for whatever reason, Vera chooses to call Parameters.

Got it working. However it’s indicating locked when the door is open and unlocked when it’s closed. Is there a parameter to reverse this?

I just installed a Mimolite for my garage door and was looking for some guidance… so I am way late to this string. However, I did find this

Which says: Install the mimolite. (as a generic device) you will get one device.
Then install the MIMOlite Garage Door plugin. This will install another device called Garage Door. Go to Advanced settings then “Variables” and variable “MIMO_Devices” Enter the device number from the main relay you created when you first included the MIMOlite.
Mine is working fine HOWEVER I am getting an error banner “Cant’ Detect Device”. Have been trying to solve this issue.

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