MiOS Binding with Honeywell T-Stat

I have the Mios binding working great and can view the status of my Honeywell t-stat.

Can someone please share the item file/site map they use to change the temperature? My item file just displays the settings and doesn’t let me change them in OpenHAB UI.

Is it also possible to change the values (raise the temperature in the summer if no one is home) in OpenHAB via a rule through the Mios Binding?

I have the t-stat working correctly in Vera and just want to control it now via OpenHAB.

Thanks in advance.

Are you on UI7 or UI5?

Changes were made to TStat handling in UI7, and I don’t currently generate them for the MiOS Item/openHAB integration. See the discussion here if you’re on UI7:

Yes, I am on UI7.

Do you have an items file example and a rule example you are talking about on the OpenHAB thread?

I tweaked the MiOS Item generator to handle UI7 TStats. The changes are in this code:

If you pull it down, and re-gen your Items file, against your UI7 [tt]user_data.xml[/tt]), then you’ll get a revised Item definition. From there, you can just copy in the ones that changed, or replace your file wholesale if you’ve not tweaked anything post-generation.

You’ll also need to pull the 1.9.x version of the Binding, since there were tweaks made there also (to add some internal defaults). The latest JAR is available from the build system:

Just remember not to have two (or more) of these in your deployment area.

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