Mirror Dimmer Setting to 2nd Device


I am trying to get some Hue bulbs to work with a dimmer switch (they don’t natively). The idea is to power the bulbs directly, get power to teh zwave switch, then have the dimmer switch setting mirrored to the Hue bulbs. Is it possible to do this with Reactor?

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Yes, no problem. Make a variable/expression with a gestate() call to retrieve the current dimmer value (LoadLevelStatus). Make a device state condition that tests if the dimmer level changes (from anything to anything). Then make actions that set the level of the Hue devices, using the variable reference as the value (on most browsers, clicking twice in the empty value field will display variable names, if any are defined).

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this is great
sorry to hijack, but I see a huge value in using this by combining reactor and switchboard

a virtual dimmer could be a “group control”
reactor could then “mirror” on multiple dimmers from designated group


Very cool! I got this mostly working using two dimmer switches to test functionality. I’m stuck trying to set the action of the 2nd dimmer switch. If the first one changes from anything to anything I can make the 2nd one turn to a specific dim level but can’t see how to make it scale to the setting of the first switch.


Post a logic summary

Edit: please. Sorry… travelling and running around today, that came out more terse than intended. :grin:


let me try this out


StateR = getstate( “Hue Hallway 1”, “urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1”, “LoadLevelStatus” )“22”

Group: Reactor Sensor 5
Device State: Hue Hallway 1 (#417) LoadLevelStatus changes (match case)(24) false as of 5:18:48 AM

When Reactor Sensor 5 is TRUE
Device Action : Hue Hallway 2 (#416) : Set dimming level : {StateR}

it works great

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Thank you! I didn’t have {getstate} entered as the dimming level.