Missing Control Buttons - Web Interface Only

VeraPlus with 7.0.31 Firmware.

The Play, Stop, Pause, etc. buttons are missing for some of my Sonos devices when viewed via the web. The buttons display correctly when using the Vera IOS app.

I’m also seeing a similar problems with missing buttons for some DelayLight timers.

Can someone advise how to fix? Thanks.

What is the latest version of the Sonos plug-in you’ve installed?

Sonos Plugin version 2.0develop-20081.1005; JSUI 2.0develop-20081.1005

I just realized that some of my Reactor Sensors are also missing buttons. So, it now doesn’t appear to be a problem specific to the Sonos plugin. I’m seeing it with devices created by Sonos, DelayLight and Reactor plugins.

I’ve done some more checking and found that the problem is browser related. Everything is displayed correctly if I use Chrome. Buttons are just missing when I use Safari. I’ve cleared the Safari cache and history. Problem remains.

@rigpapa, any suggestions? Is this a Safari bug? Thanks…

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I’ve actually been experiencing the exact same thing on safari. I’ve tried clearing cache and no luck, I’m going to stick to chrome for now.

I have this exact same problem but with ALL controls that wrap beyond the 1st column (like in your screen shot). If you resize the browser window to a smaller width so that only 1 column of controls shows up, you’ll see that the controls re-appear – this is likely why it doesn’t affect your mobile web view. I haven’t had time to debug this, but it appears to be a CSS problem on the Vera specifically with Webkit - there was a firmware update previously that had CSS issues with energy usage disappearing - this looks like a similar problem.

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