MMS Vera Does Not See Vera When Away


I was able to access devices yesterday when I was on WiFi. Today when I am away from home I can’t see any devices. When I look under units it says “There are no Units” (which is probably why I don’t see any devices). Is there any special configuration necessary to access the vera from outside?



you sure your network is up? Can you ping your modem/router or VPN in or otherwise verify that your house is connected to the internet?



Yes, I can get into my computers at home. I can also access the vera box through I can’t see it with the MMS Vera app on my iPhone, though.



It still didn’t work when I got back home. I finally uninstalled the app and reinstalled it at which point it everything worked again as intended. I also disabled WiFi on my iPhone and still could control devices. I am not sure why it stopped working. Btw, it also stopped working on another iPhone, not just mine.



I am wondering if firewall is enabled on the Vera to only allow connection on your LAN.

You need to go to Advanced
Setting (VeraIP/cmh_ui6) > settings > net&wifi. You may need to change to manually configure to see this.



It sounds like your having a similar issue that a few others are having. It appears to be most likely due to the way the MMS integration is done in the app. Authentication via the MMS service is only good for 24 hours in which it will expire and requires to re-authenticate. The app may not be authenticating correctly.

  • Garrett


I had mms vera running for weeks no problem. … I saw this thread a week ago thought nothing of it. Starting last night I had the same problem. We’ll I Uninstalled the app and reinstalled problem fixed for now. But yes there is some random bug going around.



I kept having to log out and back in. It doesn’t automatically re-authenticate for you. It says it has logged into your vera but devices wouldn’t show up and if they did they wouldn’t not turn on or off. By logging out and back in it would then work.



I have had my VeraLite for about 3 weeks. So far it works ok, the UI6 beta that installed without telling me it was a beta is not incredibly stable and has an assortment of random problems. Including what you are having problems with. I had someone with support do a remote session and spent about 2.5 hours trying to get it to work. No success. My next step is to change to a new router. I’m currently using a Linksys/Cisco router. I’ve never had any problems with my router and had a working SchlageLink/Nexia system before. Can’t see it unless I’m on the home network, can’t even save anything anymore because it wants me to upgrade to “Professional Home Automation” and I must say, I’m not impressed. By the time I sink more money into a new router, I could have purchased a Homeseer system.