Mode Changed Unexpectedly

Wondering if anyone else on the forum has experienced the mode changing unexpectedly? Twice in one morning I have experienced the system randomly jumping from Home to Vacation, with spectacular consequences.

Hub is VeraSecure with the latest firmware ( 1.7.4834 (7.30))

The mode was not changed in either the iOS app or the web dashboard.

House Modes plugin is installed. I have only one scene that changes mode, and that one changes from Vacation to Home, there are none that change it in the other direction.

Grateful if anyone can offer ideas as 24/7 Tech Support is offline.

I have experience this some times through the years. I have a Vera Edge but not experienced it on firmware 7.30 yet. Had it happen on previous firmware’s and its always been happening when the controller are in home mode and it has always switched to away mode. It just happens random and not when a scene or device have been triggered.

Thanks @trygve - my experience is very similar. I had it on a previous version of the firmware also. That time it got into a loop of changing mode repeatedly, which I ended by resetting the hub. Interestingly, both times it happened within a week after a firmware upgrade. Good to know I’m not the only one. Support are checking the logs to see if they can figure out what happened.

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