Monitor Energy Data from Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch?

I installed this device for my hot water tank. I am able to turn it on and off in scenes. When I look at this device on the Vera dashboard, I see the energy that it is consuming. However, I would like to track how much energy this device uses over a time interval. Is there any way to track energy consumption over specified time intervals? I read that the Ergy plugin is a disaster. Is there another way to monitor energy consumption from these zwave connected devices. I would like to add several others in my home.

DataYours should be able to do that, having had a very quick look at my config, I can see that I can include the variables for Watts, Actual Usage, KWH and so on


Check out Hundredgraphs here: Free graphs for your temp/power sensors

@aecchalet if you need any help with, just ask in a thread

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