Multiple AirBnB homes with Vera & Kwikset 914 door locks

We own 10 homes that are rented through AirBnB. I am using GCal3 to set the occupancy for the home, which turns on the AC and enables other items in the house. We do have a high turnover of guest visiting the homes. More times than not, we have someone checking out in the morning and another guest checking in during the afternoon. The cleaning crew has their own calendar/Task list that they are working from, which is also automated through various workflows pushing data around.

All of the homes are configured the same way, Vera, AC Controllers, Door Locks.

I need some ideas how to automatically program the door codes for each of the guest. I have searched the various forums, but most of the content is so old (ui5/6) that it does not really apply do to the security changes within ui7.

Any help would be great…


Hi Croz,

You can automatically program your Kwikset doorlock by adding for each guest a different pin code and restrict it to a certain interval. This way you can rest assured that your guests can enter the property only when you allow them.

We have a step-by-step article here:
As you’ll see in the above guide, you need to open the app and go to the Devices page where you’ll have the pin codes section, with the add new pic codes and set pin codes restrictions.

Since you are renting the houses, I would like to recommend you also to consider some smart light bulbs ( that you can control remotely, just to make sure the guests did not leave the lights on.

Thanks for the reply, I already do this manually but considering the turnover rate on our rentals, it takes a considerable amount of time everyday to manage these pin codes, deleting old/expired codes. We also do have the zwave lights in the house in order for when the house is in an unoccupied mode, lights are automatically turned off. I am looking for an automated process for adding the pin codes through setpin function of lua.


Hi Croz, we want to improve the functionalities for our apps in order to have a better user experience with every flow. Can you please share with me what features you would like to have in the app for door locks? Like an option to remove just the restrictions for all pin codes? Or to remove all pin codes at once? Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thanks and have a nice day!

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