Multiple Users on multiple controllers

Basically I have a Controller at my fathers house that i need access as i look after the place when they go away, and i have a controller at my house that i can control.

I can’t seem to use my Account login details: username, Password, and Email Address from my controller to set up a "other user on my fathers Controller.

Is the even possible. or do i need to create a completely new login with new email address.

Log on to (or get your father to log on) to his controller, then add you as a user to his account.

Unless that’s what you’ve tried? I’m not 100% clear from yourn description.

You might well need a new email. Depends on whether Vera expects the email to be the UID for a user or if they assign another.


When you go to add other user on his system, it just ask to create user. It Asks for new username email address and password.

If I type my details in from my system. It says username and email address already in use.

Is there a way I can use my account details from my system to be a user on his system

Create a completely new user with a new email address on your father’s system. I imagine that will give you access to your father’s system with user privileges. Adding your account details to your father’s system wouldn’t make sense.

Nope, guess not. Per peter, use a new email


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